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10th Flights were pulled Mid-June on most of the birds.  Last new birds have been settled last week of June.

Around 7/3 or 7/4 will start forcing all birds out of loft on morning loft flights.

Training will begin sometime in August

Click Here for 2022 Rules & Race Info

Click Here for 2022 Race Dates & Projected Prize Payout
Basics of 2022 Series are.... 

  5 Race Series with a 334 Mile Final Race from the East Course over the High Sierra Mountains.

  Perch Fees are $120 Each or 6 Birds for $600

  Entry Fees are $275 Per Bird (due in the fall after the 104 Mile Activation Toss)

  5 Ways to Win Prizes (Race 3, Race 4, Race 5, Average Speed & High Point Bird with Custom Point Formula)

Archives of all the Races from the last 9 Years are Posted Here:
Features of the Gold Country Challenge:
🏆 2022 will be our 15th Year.  Experience matters, with the Gold Country Challenge being one of the longest tenured one loft races.
🏆 In 14 years never a smash race with below 50% returns.  In fact we've only flown 2 races total (of nearly 60 flown) with returns below 70%.
🏆 14 years and never a blowhome final race.  All final races have been in the 1100-1500's YPM Range.
🏆 In 2022 we are back to flying the east course over the 8000-10000' High Sierra Mountains.  Truly one of the most challenging race courses in the USA with massive mountains and a large lake (Lake Tahoe) that the pigeons must cross.
🏆 One of the only races every year to have 100% of the entry fees paid before Race 1.  We do not ship unpaid birds to the first Race.
🏆 One of the few races every year to provide detailed accounting breakdown of the prize payout showing total birds paid, full prize distribution of all the entry fees, and prize statement chart of all the winners
🏆 One of the few races that sources multiple weather models and pays for a premium weather service to help make better shipping decisions on what days to race.  
🏆 We show exact release point locations on Google Maps and post the exact distance of the race.  We don't exaggerate the mileage.  Videos posted of release.
🏆 One of the only races to pay a significant portion of the prizes to the Overall Ace Pigeons of the 5 Race Series.  We believe in rewarding the most consistent pigeons among all the races.

Text Matt at 530-919-0097 with any questions or Email:

Dale Zehr (R & D Racing) with 1833-AA (Winner of Final Race 2021)

Dale Zehr 2021


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